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You'll find here my collection of projects which will not stop increasing...

Maison Domotique

Type : Mobile App; Language : Java; Date : 2015-03-30

In a group of 5, at school, we had the idea to build a system capable to control via a smartphone elements of a house. I made the mobile application in order to comunicate by bluetooth, an Arduno.

Unfinished Parallel

Type : Computer Software; Language : C++; Date : 2016-10-30

In a groupe of two, we created a video game based on a classical type of game : the RPGs. This game has a main story line, a character management and dynamic combats.


Type : Computer Software; Language : C++; Date : 2017-09-05

It is a software that the company Innovaphot asked for. This software is designed for photographers and schools to permit them to take pictures of students and make a gallery of photos of them.

This project is in the making.